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Contact Details special offers on current Christian and Gospel Music. Just scroll down and take a look, a click on anyone of them will take you to our sales site where you can search by artist, word or style and add as many as you like to your basket - from £1 to a few or just good value.

LOUD History Makers£1 only LOUD - History Makers.13 rock and roll worship songs from a dynamic Australian youth conference, big riffs and choruses. "The Maker" being a favourite. "The Wonder" is a simpler, piano-led prayer. "Just For Me" is a repeated refrain of "All I want is you," borrowed from the U2, the memorable riff creatively reinterpreted on the piano. This is an energetic and passionate album - Buy Now just £1 plus P&P

Vineyard Music Jesus I Believe YouVineyard Music - Jesus I Believe You - Vol 42 recorded live at the Vineyard church at Alliso Viejo, California. The musicianship is very good with outstanding guitar playing by Raymond, Seth and vocals have a Kevin Prosh/Rich Mullins feel. Outstanding songs on the album are "I Give You My All",  “I Believe You” and "Put Your Hand In The Lord's”. Buy Now just £1 plus P&P

Vineyard Music - Offering of Love - With the fluid voice of Casey Corum and the sensational new talent in Sheri Keller. Sheri's 'New Song' opens the album and Casey is the perfect compliment to Sheri's full throttle vocal style.The songs here will appeal to every worship leader from the small group acoustic to the full-band Sunday Morning variety. Buy Now £1 plus P&P

Chrisitan MusicAngie Lendon - Honesty - This is an awesome debut album
and well worth having in your collection. Beautifully sung
she has a real ministry. You will enjoy this Christian music
album. British Singer/Songwriter - Just £8.50 plus £1.46 P&P
Click Here to Buy
UK Gospel MusicThe New Sound of Gospel - 2006 many got together to
support this album in London.
Isarael Gospel Music Alive in AfricaIsrael Houghton - Out of Africa - This is an inspirational
album recorded in South Africa, including songs like Friend of
God. This is a great album just £9.99 plus £1.46 P&P just
click here to buy
Christian rock musicBy The Tree - World On Fire
Cece Winans Gospel MusicCece Winans - Purified - We still have a few original signed
copies of this latest album. We love it is true Cece with
song like Mama's Kitchen and many more. This beautiful 
album for just £9.99 plus £1.46 P&P click here saving £3.54 off the RRP
Cece Winans Gospel MusicCece Winans CD - This was one that really showed us
what Cece was able to do bringing great sounds of praise
and worship
BTC gospel musicCece Winans and The Born Again Church Choir - This is   
simply great praise and worship.
BTC gospel music choir The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - This is Your House
This is a real favourite of ours, powerful testiment of God's
and favour in peoples lives, changing and restoring.
VTC gospel music choir AmazedThe Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - I'm Amazed - this is the
latest from this amazing choir that keeps on bringing those
inspirational songs. They are joined on I'm Amazed by Jason
Crabb - To get this latest and superb album for just £9.99
plus £1.46 (Saving a total off £3.54 out the RRP) BUY NOW
Hillsong Jesus Is - Christian Music Praise and WorshipHillsong Church London - Jesus Is - Again they pull off
an amazing live recording (2006). London are really getting
their own sound now and this is worship music to get you
on your feet in praise. UK Church just £9.99 plus P&P at
£1.46 to buy click here  (save £3.54 off the RRP)
Hillsong Christian Music London Hillsong London - Shout God's Fame - This is just simply
an outstanding worship album just £9.999 plus P&P so,
save £3.54 off the RRP click here to BUY
Delirious Christian MusicDelirious - World Service - This is still a great CCM UK
album which is well worth having in CD quality.
UK Christian Band. Great value just £8.50 plus £1.46 P&P
click just £9.46 total  Here to buy
Delierious Christian Music MIssion BellDelirious - Mission Bell - Just £8.50 plus P&P click here2Buy
Gospel MusicJonathan Butler adn Juanita Bynum - Gospel Goes
This is just out now and a really interesting
album with great harmonies Randle - A Tribute to Mahalia Jackson - Well
if you have listened long and hard to Mahalia's old recordings
like I have you really will enjoy the freshness and new life
that Lynda brings to these songs
The tribe urban gospel musicThe Tribe - Raise Your Game. The Tribe are back in force
on this 16-track monster of an album called Raise Your Game .
Facing today's issues head on with no compromising along
the way. Loads of questions even more answers. All wrapped
up in an explosion of Dance / Rap / HipHop / Industrial tinged
with a Pop backwash. Listening to this album, it is easy to
understand why The Tribe are the best-loved Christian dance
 act in the world! Buy Now £3.49
the tribe urban gospel musicThe Tribe - Message to the Masses. The Tribe are finishing
after over a decade of huge influence in the UK and beyond.
This CD/DVD package is a tribute to their ministry.
The Tribe are finishing after over a decade of huge influence
in the UK and beyond. This CD & DVD is a tribute to their
ministry. Buy Now £3.49
Gospel Music Walter hawkinsWalter Hawkins - The Hawkins Family
Track Listings
1. Goin' to a Place  2. Love Is God  3. What Is This? 
4. I Am a Pilgrim  5. He'll Be There (When You Need Him) 
6. Eternal Life  7. Keep on Fighting  8. Try Christ  
Buy Now just £3.49 plus P&P