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We want to establish a complete listing of gospel choirs, just let us know about yours by emailing

Love Without End Croydon SDA Gospel ChoirThe Croydon SDA Gospel Choir has enjoyed many years of delivering soul-stirring music on television, radio, recordings, and live performances in a wide variety of venues. As well as being diverse and original, the choir has also been known for its ability to be proactive, which has led to its setting up its own independent record label, CGC Music, which has produced its catalogue of CD recordings which have changed lives, and been a source of comfort and blessing to listeners around the world. Much of its repertoire is written by its director, Ken Burton, who is a public figure in the choral world as a performer, conductor, and performer. This means that repertoire is tailor-made to the choir's sound and composition. The Croydon SDA Gospel Choir has not been content to just be another gospel choir: as it sees its mission to reach out to as many people groups as possible, it has distinguished itself by being probably the most diverse gospel choir in the world. The choir sees its mission as being completely uncompromising in its expression of its faith. For more information click here

The York City Gospel Choir was formed to celebrate the powerful and inspirational tradition of gospel music. The 40-member choir, under the direction of of Kofi Mensah, have a growing reputation as one of the foremost choirs in the North of England.
Drawing on some of the the best musical talents from the many communities and churches in and around York, the choir perform a wide range of traditional and contemporary gospel. The choir is dedicated to promoting and sharing the joy of Gospel music around the world.

United Voices Concert Choir UV United Voices (UV) - The aim of the United Voices Concert Choir is to take the gospel of Christ using the vehicle of music to minister to people who don't know about God. Proclaiming what He has done in our lives and what He can do for them. In 2000 about ten singers were commissioned by God to form the United Voices Concert Choir. Founding members included: Colin Williams; Val Francis-Williams; Des and Eula Woodbine; Ron, Andrew, Norma King; Danny Campbell; Paulette Paul; Charlene, Nathaniel, Norma and James Ritchie. UV has since grown and appeared at many events including: charity; cultural and church events; concerts; and recordings. UV has been the home of various gospel singers who have since established themselves as in-demand artists such as Chan. UV also supports up and coming gospel artists like Gwen Madden. For more information click here

The ACM Gospel Choir is a musical collective of some of the most talented singers, songwriters and performers in UK today. With a great blend of voices from different genres, different continents across the world and different ages the 'New Gospel' sound that they have created is very unique and one that is sure to enthral their listeners. Born out of a dream to harness this talent and use music, song and performance to bring joy, laughter, happiness and 'Good News' to the world of music, the choir was formed in 2005 by Mark De-Lisser the choir's Musical Director. For more information about the ACM Gospel Choir click here
Jame Anthony and Melek Choir Album The JourneyThe debut album release from James Anthony (The Journey, Vol 1) features self-penned soulful gospel songs that speak life such as 'Fly Like an Eagle' and 'Love Is God', that are sure to be global standards in the years to come. This self-produced release highlights James Anthony, leader and founder member of the Melek Gospel Choir, while creating a warm worshipful atmosphere that enhances the spiritual experience for the heart, mind, body and soul allowing you to praise God. Filled with emotional and spiritual songs that reach out to all, this 13 track album leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of the peace and Joy that only God can bring, James displays his God given talents as a songwriter, producer, arranger, musician and a singer who can deliver relevant soulful gospel songs that speak life, hope and truth to a public in need of these qualities during today's difficult times. Don't miss this powerful new CD from James Anthony featuring the Melek Gospel Singers. For more information about the Melek Gospel Singers and James Anthony click here

Hot Gospel Choir HullThe Hot Gospel Community Choir based in Hull consists of numerous members and musicians. The choir was created by Helen Garnett to promote spiritual growth and musical ministry in Hull and in surrounding communities. The Hot Gospel Community Choir is on its way to becoming a truly amazing gospel choir.

Hot Gospel Continued - Now 35 strong they have performed their brand of inspirational music at some of the most prestigious events in the region: the Wilberforce celebrations, Whitby Gospel Music Festival, City Hall, Hull to name but a few. It all started 4 years ago when five of the member got together in East Yorkshire to sing gospel songs. From there it has grown to what it is today and is still gathering more members. The group now meet in Hull to ring the praises and polish their performance. This bunch of individuals will inspire and thrill with their infectious and enthusiastic rendition of the best in gospel music. Hot Gospel will and put a smile on your face and music in your hear. Come and be in the company of this special gospel choir.

CK Gospel Choir Children of the Kingdom (CK)Children of the Kingdom (CK) is a new generation of UK gospel music, formed in 2007 they are known simply as "CK". CK have already been making big waves in the UK gospel music scene. They are 16 young singers from all walks of life united in a common love for performing gospel music. No discriminate against race, creed or colour, CK just want to spread the good news that is gospel music. What sets CK gospel choir apart from other choirs is their unique blend of close harmonies and ability to fuse traditional and modern gospel sounds with other genres such as Soul, Jazz, Latin and Classical.  Its members have already worked with a diverse range of performers such as Phil Collins, Craig David, Josh Groben, Enrique Iglesias, Charlotte Church and Alfie Boe, Daniel Powter, and Pet Shop Boys to name a few as well as  performing at many festivals and private events in the UK and Europe. As their anthem says "Join us in rejoicing and let us hear your voices", so are YOU ready for the next generation of gospel music? and

Re:Mission Choir - Re:Mission have developed their own unique and exciting sound which incorporates black gospel grooves with a flavour of their Jamaican roots. What began as a junior choir in the early 1970's developed into an exciting music ministry, which has taken them to perform in Germany, USA, Portugal, Malta and throughout Britain.

LCGC - London Community Gospel Choir - Established since 1982, LCGC have nurtured more than 200 members from all areas of London and its suburbs.  They are adaptable, small or large group. LCGC is known for their up-tempo gospel flair, swing-beat, R’n’B, traditional and soulful arrangements, with their invigorating choreography and vocal gymnastics - LCGC is outstanding to watch!

David's Praise is an exciting, energetic, contemporary gospel group, comprising of 12-strong members. The group started in 2003 and has since been playing Christ-inspired music with a message transcends to change lives, and demonstrate artistry on the cutting edge of the industry.

Melek Choir - With their refreshing harmonic interpretations of standard and traditional songs, the Melek Assembly Gospel Choir (up to 20 members) can add a unique and wonderful feel to your event. Melek Assembly Gospel Choir deliver the mixture of music genres, the energy of their immense talent, the love of God and the joy of music with the intention of evoking spontaneous delight with diverse audiences.

Visual Ministries Choir VMC The Visual Ministry Choir or VMC for short has been drawn together with some of today's leading vocalists and musicians within the British Gospel Music scene. Formed in 1996, the VMC has a reputation for creating a unique brand of gospel music increasing the growing popularity towards the British Gospel sound. For more information about VMC Click Here

IDMC (Individuals Dedicated to the Ministry of Christ) is a group of dynamic and inspirational singers which began in 1994. The group is an 18-piece gospel outfit of young energetic people, from the West Indian, African and British heritage, who live, work and study within the inner city who share the same faith, beliefs and convictions providing a strong, positive message of love, hope, joy and peace for everyone. IDMC has something for everyone and for all situations. Their sound is strong, contagious, urban and contemporary, but above all it’s uplifting

The Kingdom Choir website This choir is doing great work in supporting the charity. Recent email from Karen April 2009 said they were in Japan and soon to moving on to the USA. Praise God

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