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Rachael Lampa - Kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope is a compelling blend of ballads showing the beauty
and sweetness of Rachael's voice. This is Rachael's second
album, following her debut Live For You  and considering
that she's still a teenager, she clearly has a considerable
gift and a wonderful career ahead of her.  Buy Now £3.49 plus P&P
Hymns of Worship is the perfect collection of both traditional
and contemporary worship music. Fernando Ortega's own
compositions of hymns and worship songs compiled on one
album. This collection of hymns and worship songs showcase
Fernando’s talents as a vocalist and arranger (along with
producer John Andrew Schreiner; while speaking to God's grace,
majesty and faithfulness. Buy Now just £6.99 plus P&P

P&P just £1.46 and 99p for each additional album - Hurry limited stock

Since his debut record in 1997, Fernando Ortega's songwriting
has become a more muscular and aggressive experience with
each project. With this self-titled album, Fernando now brings
to the forefront his best music yet to date, with a collection
of songs that are more than just that. This self-titled album,
brings forward Fernando's best music yet to date and provides
an introspective journey through his eyes. Buy this £6.99 plus P&P
Tremaine Hawkins - ALL MY BEST TO YOU VOL 02
1.   Someday, 2.   Changed, 3.   Cheer Up, 4.   Fall Down, 5.  
Lift Me Up, 6.   I Still Want You, 7.   The Potter's House, 
8.   Coming Home and 
9.   Set Me Free. Buy Now just £3.49 plus P&P 

Remember P&P just £1.46 and 99p for each additional album - Stock Up Now!!!

Mute Math's 5-song debut EP, Reset, is an innovative
new project in Christian music combining elements as
diverse as jazz, rock and electronica. Their cutting-edge,
distinctive sound melds organic instruments with electronic
elements ultimately creating a distinctive and powerful artistic
 statement. Lyrical content is refreshing, thought-provoking
and complex, while topics covered include faith, hope and
love. Just £3.49 and P+P Click to Buy
Dakona - Perfect Change
Music fans who are tired of the sound of today's rock fare
need look no further than Dakona's debut album, Perfect
Change. Their album, produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day)
and Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace) and mixed by Randy Staub
(P.O.D., Nickelback) and Tom Lord-Alge (Weezer, Avril Lavigne)
drives and uplifts with emotionally charged songs of soulful
grit and grace. Buy Now for Just £3.49 plus P+P

P&P just £1.46 and 99p for each additional album - Buy 2 and pay only £2.45 Postage and Packing

James Clay CD
1.  I Still Believe, 2.  Franklin Park, 3.  On Your Knees,
4.  Judah's Song, 5.  One At A Time, 6.  Anyway,
7.  To Be With You, 8.  Wicked Woman, 9.  Send Salvation,
10.  Sabotage, 11.  Millstones
Buy Now just £3.49
Nate Sallie - Inside Out
Nate has worked with producers Mathew Gerrard, Chris Estes
and Greg Biek quickly finding a musical chemistry.
The resulting tunes are energetic, taut, guitar-driven,
pitch-perfect power-pop anthems with genuine cross-market,
multi-format appeal Just £3.49 and P&P

East West Hope In Anguish
Second album from the Dove Award winners East West. 
East West are back with Hope In Anguish. The band draws
on a wide array of musical influences including metal, R&B,
and punk and have blended their talents into a diverse,
distinctive sound all their own. Just £3.49 plus P&P
Number One Gun - Celebrate Mistakes
The delivery and tone of Number One Gun’s songs is one
that walks a fine line between aggression and delicate,
sonorous beauty. Complex rhythms add to the cranial
arrangements and attitude. The delivery and tone of
Number One Guns songs is one that walks a fine line
between aggression and delicate, sonorous beauty.
Great Price at just £3.49 plus P&P Click Here