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What is new in Gospel Music in the UK.  We have a few snippets in brief and hope to follow up with pictures, links and buy now buttons for you to support all these wonderful artists. We need to know what is happening so keep us informed

Mike the Minstrel Mike Colllins a Singer / Songwriter/ Guitarist / Worship Leader / Busker / based in Barnsley a storytelling singer songwriter from a Christian perspective. You can see him performing in churches, town centres as well as traditional music venues. Explore this site to listen to Mike's songs. Be sure to contact us if you enjoy Mike's music. For more information visit his website

CommissionWe were impressed by the launch of Commision and their debut EP release - there will be more to follow on Commission and the wonderful Jesus House Fellowship near Brent Cross

watchman gospel hip hopWe also support and appluad the awesome work by Watchman against gun and knife crime and the tremendous work there to bring this message home to youth most effected. This is supported by Green Jade. Watchman - Like Neva B4 this album is in stock - Buy Now just £7.99 plus P&P

Sharon St Louis launch her debut EP late 2006 and this has been very well received as we have sold out and now waiting for a few more. We look forward to more from Sharon.

Cie UK Gospel singerCie also launched a very long awaited EP of her album at the last GEM Awards

female gospel singer AdelaideAdelaide McKenzie is still going strong and you need to check out her debut album sculptured over many months or hard work and many performances. More to follow on this. Picture left is her single details of her album to follow

Blush UK Christian music girl bandBlush UK - Ear Candy.  Creating a change in any group’s line up always holds an element of risk but Blush UK’s reduction to a three girl selection (as opposed to the previous four) only seems to have tightened their sound. The six-track EP is dripping in commercial sounding Pop R&B and it’s delivered to the highest standard. Buy Now just £3.49 plus P&P

We will be providing updates and details of new albums and other gospel music releases - so put us on your favourites list.

Also let us know what is happening out there  so we can tell others too.